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Herman Miller Action Office 8x8 Typical Workstation
Herman Miller Action Office
8'X8' Typical Workstation

The world's first open-plan furniture system, the Action Office panel system continues to keep up with changes in the workplace--offering simplicity, value, perfect fit, and proven function. With 90- and 120-degree planning options, Action Office is a versatile, hard-working system for practical organizations. It functions equally well in high-visibility multi-shift stations and behind-the-scenes managers' offices.

Action Office--a panel system

In the Action Office panel system, office room dividers define the work space, provide a structural foundation for hang-on components, house electrical and data wires, and influence the aesthetic character of the environment. Panels are shipped fully assembled. Other components are preassembled, including work surface attachment hardware and raceways.

Simple, Practical Performance

• Fast, simple installation. No panel system is easier or quicker to install and reconfigure.
• Concise, versatile vocabulary. Simplifies ordering, speeds installation, and streamlines inventory control.
• 90- and 120-degree planning. Action Office can take the shape that helps people work at their best and helps organizations use floor space most efficiently.
• Panel choices. A variety of sizes, shapes, and surface treatments; stacking panels let privacy levels be controlled and varied.
• Never obsolete. Components manufactured today are compatible with the original generation.

Quality and Strength

• Sturdy connections. Rigid, full-length connectors automatically align office room divider panels; steel construction ensures connectors do not weaken with repeated reconfiguration.
• Hard-working panels. Stress-skin construction allows panels to meet or exceed industry requirements for strength and durability.

Technology Support

• Lay-in cabling. Avoids extra work and possible damage due to cable threading.
• Plenty of cable capacity. Up 60 category 5, 4-pair UTP cables in the powered base; without power, 90 category 5, 4-pair UTP cables.
• High-powered. 4-circuit, 8-wire system with 1 dedicated circuit; combinations include 3 general circuits and 1 dedicated circuit, 2 general and 2 isolated, or 1 general and 3 isolated.
• Work surface access. A vertical cable management panel provides power and data access at work surface level.

Earth-conscious Design

• Powder coating. On all metal parts and Formcoat surfaces; no VOCs.
• Water-based stains. No solvents.
• Sustainable wood supplies. Only from managed forest resources.
• Herman Miller Action Office
• 8'X8' Typical Workstation

Herman Miller Action Office - 16'X8' Shared Reception Workstation

Herman Miller Action Office 16x8 Typical Workstation

Herman Miller AO2
Center Cube
47" High, 4 x 4

Herman Miller Cube

Herman Miller Action Office Panel System
67" High, 8 x 8

Herman Miller Action Office

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