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Office Panel Systems

We currently offer the following modular office wall panel systems:

Reasons For Using Office Panel Systems

Improve Productivity
With office panel systems, everything you need is within easy reach, which will improve productivity. Your office panel system will surround you with all of the business management tools you need in a curved-corner workstation, putting you “squarely” in the middle of the action.
Teamwork Layout
Put your heads together with office panel workstations designed to enhance office productivity. The office dividers provide enough personal space to be productive and combine various design elements that encourage teamwork.
Managed Privacy
Office panel systems let you build private offices for managers and executives who want to be close to the action but still need some privacy. High office divider panels and doors provide the separation and privacy needed without sacrificing the need to stay connected to the team.
Features of our Office Panels:

• Panels come in 5 heights and 6 widths, with adjustable glides for leveling.

• Panels can be hard surfaced, fabric covered or acoustical. Door panels are also available.

• All panels are sturdy and lightweight for easy installation and reconfiguration.

• Panels handle basic power distribution with a 3 or 4 circuit base system.

• Drawers, storage units, and work surfaces offer versatility in function.

• Components are height adjustable on panels in 1" increments.

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