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Office Furniture Trends

It is 2014 and with a new year comes new experiences, new memories, new resolutions, and new trends. Because trends change with the year, many people will take advantage of the clean slate the New Year provides and attempt to meet the current trends of our day and age. We know this to be true as countless individuals immediately buy new clothes to meet the fashion trends, listen to new artists to meet the music trends, and businesses upgrade their offices to keep up with furniture trends. Do you feel uninformed or unaware of the business world’s current office furniture trends? No need to fear, for your consideration, here are five of the fastest growing and latest trends in office furniture.

Trend #1: Evolving Workspaces

People are always on the move doing something, somewhere, with somebody. This lifestyle has simultaneously transferred into the work environment through innovative office furniture. Office furniture with capability to instantly change scenery or positioning, allows employees and employers to constantly change their work experience and the mundane things of everyday life. Mobile office furniture accomplishes this by equipping most, if not all, tables and chairs with wheels for the quick and easy rearrangement of an office space. Some desks even have the capability to instantaneously adjust the table height so workers may work standing when they tire of sitting for long periods of time.

Trend #2: Incorporating the Outdoors

Bringing nature and wildlife into a black and white, four walled office can not only liven up the feel of an office but it can actually benefit the efficiency and finances of an office. Modern offices have tried to better incorporate the outdoors by creating and using more natural light which can reduce electricity bills and provide better visibility for everyone. It is common to find a multitude of living plants in these offices such as ferns, hostas, flower plants, etc. that not only look beautiful but better the air we breathe. Finally, because of the common use of mobile devices and computers, businesses are even constructing small outdoor workspaces that people can enjoy.

Trend #3: Open Spaces

No one likes to be constrained, congested, and restricted in their own workspace because it has been proven to stifle creation and productivity. Because of this many companies are reconfiguring their offices spaces to provide more open and undesignated working stations. This more free work environment has been proven to stimulate employee creativity and productivity but has also been shown to foster a collaborative work environment.

Trend #4: Group Environment

When individuals work together or in a group more is accomplished, more knowledge is gained, and more office friendships are made. More recently, companies and business have worked harder than ever to support and encourage this type of group environment. Offices have achieved this team environment by creating open space or lowering cubicle walls, adding tables in between workspaces, and establishing more informal and comfortable meeting areas.

Trend #5: Personalization

Studies show that employees and employers work more efficiently and productively when they are comfortable in their workspace. Almost every individual is relaxed at home thus businesses encourage workers to personalize their workspace to resemble home or a place they feel most comfortable in.

These five office furniture trends will not only allow you to keep up with the changing business world but will equipped you and your staff with the necessary creativity and productivity to run a happy, healthy, and successful business.