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Office Furniture System Specials 10 Minute Consult
We buyback used office furniture. Case Studies

10 Minute Consulting

In preparation for the phone consultation regarding the purchasing of new cubes, be prepared to discuss the following:

1) Tell us about your new space. Take some general measurements, check with your Bldg. or Property Mgr. on the availability of architectural floor plans or drawings.

2) Tell us about your budget. Be prepared to discuss your budget. A frank discussion here can save a lot of time later on. This will help us determine what direction to take you, i.e. New, Refurbished or Pre-owned.

3) Tell us about the work environment that you want to develop. How many people will be housed? Will they inter-act with each other or will they need privacy? Will their manager need to or want to see them working in their cubes?

4) Tell us what your employees need in their cubes. How much file space and/or upper storage space will be needed? Will they have a computer monitor, how large? Do they need a corner work surface, a keyboard tray or tack boards? How deep would you like the work surfaces to be?

5) Tell us about the look you are going for. A little bit of thought and discussion here can lead to a work environment that highlights your Management style, accents you work environment, pleases your employees and fits your budget.

6) Tell us about what other furniture you will need. Will you need seating, filing, lunchroom, break room, conference room or private office furniture?

7) Lastly, tell us when your new space will be ready for furniture. When do you want/need to have people in seats? With over 25 years of practice in dealing with the "ups & downs" of new space and new furniture, InterSpace can assist you in scheduling your work and working through your schedule.