Furnishing a 2-shift call center with 100+ seats requires furniture that stands up to heavy usage and abuse. Working in a call center with employees sitting in cubicles, side by side, on the phone for 8 hours a day will try anyone’s nerves. Interspace Office was challenged with the task of providing a better, less stressful work environment for the call center employees.

Interspace Office Furniture accomplished this by providing remanufactured cubicles with above standard acoustic ratings, using several height panels to separate work areas and providing a pre-owned heavy duty, multi-shift work chair that surpassed the typical task chair specifications. By remanufacturing the cubicles, Interspace was able to provide the customer with a solution that looked and functioned like new for 1/3 the cost. Additionally, by proposing a pre-owned chair in place of a new one, the client was able to put the employees in a much higher grade chair that provided unmatched comfort and dependability

Interspace was able to provide a solution to a company in Atlanta, Georgia that increased moral & productivity as well as coming in under budget.