Interspace helps local medical practice in Atlanta look great while saving big

Customers are one of the most important aspects of every business. That is why companies are always trying to find more efficient and effective products and services that cater to customers’ specific needs while meeting their expectations of convenience and satisfaction. Interspace Office Furniture does exactly that!

Atlanta, Georgia local medical practice contacted Interspace Office Furniture in hopes of finding quality furniture for their office space without exceeding their set budget. Our medical practitioner client was in the middle of disposing all the old furniture and corporate assets they wished to replace when our team of consulting professionals recommendedInterspace’s Office Furniture Buyback Programs. These programs entail getting cash for all their pre-owned office furniture or issuing a credit for any future purchases with Interspace. Allowing businesses to make additional money or put it towards the new furniture they plan on purchasing.

Upon hearing this, our client immediately agreed to our Buyback programs, filled out a simple informational form, and put the additional money towards their brand new office furniture. Interspace’s Buyback programs allowed the private medical office to stay within their budget while providing them with better furniture and products than they originally intended to obtain.

All this to prove that customers always come first with Interspace Office Furniture.