Interspace provides Atlanta based real estate firm with effective space conservation solutions

Open space is always a trivial issue until that day when that “open” space is unorganized and cluttered. Space is important for storage and efficient organization both of which are critical for any real estate firm, especially one trying to downsize. Thanks to Interspace’s On-site Office Space Consulting solutions, congested space will instantly turn into efficient space you can breathe in.

After analyzing our real estate client’s space issue, our team of account executives provided on-site consultation to create the perfect solution. Because our client was downsizing, it was obvious that a lot of important documents, information, and corporate assets had to be stored in a smaller space than it had originally resided in. Using their industry experience and product knowledge, our account executive suggested installing remanufactured Herman Miller Lateral Filing Cabinets and Lacasse 70 Series workstations. With a little bit of professional help and the recommended products, our client was able to conserve space and easily store large amounts of important documents and information without cramming or cluttering each workstation.

Interspace offers personal solutions that are designed for your satisfaction and specific needs. Discover what Interspace Office Furniture can do for you today.