Interspace assists growing showcase design company better utilize their space with on-site consulting and reconfiguration services

Providing specific and personally designed solutions is what Interspace Office does best. We strive to give each of our clients an effective solution that meets their particular needs and budget.

We were glad to employ these personalized services with a growing showcase design company in Atlanta, Georgia. Our client was quickly out growing the space they currently had and looked to us for a practical solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Our team of design experts immediately got on-site to consult and better understand our client’s needs. After this initial meeting, we got to work reconfiguring the layout of the office and the furniture within each work area. These seemingly insignificant changes resulted in our client better utilizing their space, allowing their company to expanding and grow successfully without fear of restriction.

Interspace is glad to provide small services like these that result in huge benefits to companies in any and every industry. Experience our personal and innovative design, products, and services here at Interspace Office Furniture.