Atlanta, Georgia software product company utilizes Interspace’s office layout planning services

Interspace is dedicated to providing quality products and services that help both new and experienced businesses achieve a comfortable, productive, and efficient work environment.

We recently demonstrated our dedication by helping a new, local Georgia software company turn an empty office space into a friendly and accommodating work environment. After requesting our Office Layout Planning Services, our design team quickly assessed the situation and integrated the client’s needs into their final solution. After gathering the necessary information, our CAD experts created a 3 dimensional drawing that helped our client visualize the office layout to ensure their understanding and satisfaction.

Once the layout was reviewed & approved, we immediately got to work. Within no time at all our Atlanta client had achieved an office space that perfectly combined the needs of both the company as well as the individual employees.  This was accomplished by installing refurbished, Herman Miller Action Office Workstations & pre-owned office seating.  This solution provided a simple, cost effective solution.  In addition, this design provided the employees with an environment that promoted both team building as well as productivity enhancements all while staying under budget.

Interspace prides itself in our ability to help new companies get started and old clients stay current. New, cutting edge solutions to enhance the work space is a service that only comes with years of experience. Discover the limitless possibilities at Interspace Office Furniture today!