It can be difficult if not impossible for new businesses to officially establish themselves, please their employees, and satisfy their customers all at an affordable price. This was the case for a recently established accounting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Thankfully, Interspace Office Furniture can take on some of those financial burdens by offering clients affordable products, services, and helpful office furniture solutions.

Once our team of professionals arrived on site, the entire location was filled with old workspaces and furniture. First things first. We removed and salvaged all the old furniture and paid our accounting client for the furniture through our Office Furniture Buyback Programs. After this, our experienced design team had a spacious room to work with. Our team recommended office furniture products by Global: Correlation Desks, a Conference Table, Lateral Filing Cabinets, and Ride Desk Chairs.

Once in agreement with our evaluation, our accounting client instantly ordered 12 workstations, 1 conference table, 4 filing cabinets, and 15 comfortable chairs by Global. In a few days every piece of furniture was delivered in immaculate condition; ready to be installed. Having installed projects as large as 2,700 workstations, we called in our experienced installation team to establish every single piece of furniture in an accurate and timely manner. Hours later, our accounting client had a beautiful new, professional office space for a great affordable price.

Interspace Office Furniture is experienced, professional, efficient, and passionate about what they do. Trust Interspace and discover the products, services, and solutions we have to offer.