How do you provide structure to unstructured people? How do you organize an office space around people who do not conform to usual standards? These were some the questions our graphic design client asked us after recently moving their business to a new location in Atlanta. They were good question; questions that made Interspace’s team of professionals ponder how to organize a group of spontaneous, artsy, and unstructured people. As always, Interspace was armed and ready to provide this local graphic design studio with the best products and services available.

Requesting our On-Site Office Space Consulting, our account executives observed the new location, utilizing their industry experience and extensive product knowledge. Immediately, our team of professionals saw the need for structure as tables and chairs lined the walls and equipment and possessions muddled together in this new office space. With a little measuring and a little bit of planning, our team of experts where able to conjure a perfect solution.

Designers need there space but a certain amount of structure and constraint is necessary in make a successful and efficient business. That’s why Interspace recommended the SYS2 clone cubes & Panel Systems. These workstations offered not only space, affordability, and structure but a variety of workspaces that conform to the needs of each employee or employer. These workstations encourage different forms of work: individual, multi-tasking, team, executive, and receptionist work.

In agreement with our assessment, our graphic design client ordered fifteen various HMG clone cubes along with twenty 9221-HighBack-Swivel Tilt Chairs. Because we value our customer’s satisfaction, our furniture delivery team makes deliveries based on your needs during regular hours, after hours, and even on the weekends. Within a matter of days our graphic design client had all their furniture delivered, installed, and ready to use.

Now their business is spacious and structured, allowing growth, creativity, and the efficiency and organization necessary for success. Interspace Office Furniture can provide you with a helpful solution no matter what your business situation. Call or contact us today to receive you personalized office furniture solution!