A customer’s satisfaction is one of the most critical aspects of any business. Thus it is always important to ensure your customers receive not only the best products and services but an overall pleasant experience. Another vital requirement for business success is the ability to be efficient. Interspace Office Furniture helped a local dental office achieve both!

Upon being contacted, our On-Site Consulting Team quickly identified congested storage spaces that could be more efficient and an old reception room worn down by constant use and time. Plans were drawn up, decisions were made, and Interspace delivered.

With dental records and medical files constantly flying around dental offices, organization becomes a nightmare as room for storage quickly dwindles. To address this problem, file rooms, storage areas, and office spaces were equip with the best products in space conservation and accessibility to improve efficiency throughout the entire office. Global Furniture & Products where perfect for the dental office’s current work environment and ensured convenient storage and organization.

The reception area demanded a small change that made a big difference in each customer’s satisfaction and experience. With the placement of 15 bright and elegant Guest Chair L5002 and a few comfortable La-Z-Boy Occasional Chairs, the reception room felt warm and inviting.

Interspace may provide and deliver affordable office furniture but they also offer personalized solutions that will effectively help your business become more successful and efficient. Contact Interspace Office Furniture and receive great products, complete satisfaction, and valuable solutions.