While it may seem insignificant, space is important to any successful business. Space provides organization, room to grow, innovation, personalization, and comfort. All these factors are valuable to both employees and employers by creating a comfortable work environment that encourages growth, efficiency, and creation. Sadly, space was one thing a local call center in Atlanta, Georgia didn’t have. Workers were crammed together, papers were piled in large stacks, and employees could barely fit all their work equipment and possessions on their desks. Thankfully, Interspace Office Furniture came to the rescue!

After only a few minutes of simple observation and measuring, our experienced design team had already begun laying out a simple plan for our call center client. With the information they had obtained, our design department was able to create 2 and 3 dimensional drawings, using AutoCAD 2004I and Design Express, to help our client truly envision the space saving solutions we were going to implement.

To help our client get the best out of their experience with Interspace, we suggested using our Office Furniture Buyback Programs. These programs involve Interspace paying cash for client’s used office panel systems and furniture or issuing a credit for a future purchase from Interspace. Our call center client allowed us to take all the used furniture already in their facility in exchange for a credit issued for new furniture they intended on purchasing from Interspace.

With their credit and some extra money, the local call center was able to purchase twenty new SYS2 Cubicles, twenty-fiveFriant Zone Chairs, and three Lacasse Lateral Filing Cabinets. With these new office products, our call center client was able to achieve: space. Papers and documents were easily organized, employees felt comfortable in their spacious workspaces, and efficiency thrived through Interspace’s helpful space conservation solutions.

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