Interspace delivers when clients need fast, effective furniture solutions

Customers are one of the most important aspects of every business. That is why companies are always trying to find more efficient and effective products and services that cater to customers’ specific needs while meeting their expectations of convenience and satisfaction. Interspace Office Furniture does exactly that!

Running and maintaining a business is a challenging experience and moving a growing business to a new location makes that job all the more difficult. What will we do with all the old office furniture and needless assets? Where will we find new affordable furniture? How will we avoid interrupting everyone’s work day? Interspace’s Office Furniture solutions achieved the perfect balance between affordability, efficiency, and quality making this Atlanta, Georgia executive search firm’s job less hectic and expensive.

Our executive search firm client was hoping to make a quick, smooth transition from their current location to their new and improved place of business. Interspace’s team of professionals immediately addressed the problem of old and unnecessary furniture with our Office Furniture Buyback Programs and began concentrating on the choice of new furniture. Our clients chose Friant and Associates as their furniture manufacturer of choice. InterSpace came up with and proposed a traditional office space plan with 11 private offices, 39 matching cubicles and several conf. / meeting areas, perfect for a company wishing to exude organization and professionalism.

Our client was overjoyed to find that in a period of less than 13 days our Sales, Order Management and delivery teams had finished the requested total of 50 workspaces for the new business location. The executive search firm initially expected the moving and installation process to take up much more time but was pleasantly surprised to have so little interruption in their everyday work. From order placement to employees in seats at the new facility, 12 ½ days from start to finish.

Trust Interspace Office Furniture and our priority will be to make your job easier than you found it.